Running for street children

Once around the whole world? 40,075 kilometres are an ambitious goal, which we want to achieve together with you and many participants worldwide.

40,075 kilometers around the worldWorld run for street children

Do you like running, walking or hiking? Then join us and become part of our international community! Together we can reach the big goal and as Team "Don Bosco Straßenkinder" we can run around the world for street children. With this campaign we want to draw attention to the situation of street children in Bolivia and collect donations for the renovation of a health centre for street children in Santa Cruz.

Luke joins the team!

Luke Kelly amateur athlete

As an ambassador for Don Bosco Straßenkinder, Luke Kelly, member of the Kelly Family, is also facing this sporting challenge. In addition to his running competitions, the amateur athlete also takes part in various sporting challenges in Europe, North America and Russia.

"My family supports me in all things I do and there are many people who do not have this privilege. For example street children from Bolivia or from other parts of the world.  I'd be very happy if you took part in the world run. Together we can achieve the goal and show street children from Santa Cruz a way out."

Be a part of it! Every step counts...


Current number of kilometres:
40.521 km

How to participate:

Would you like to be part of the world run? Then, whenever and as often as you like, you can tie your shoes and set off - alone or with friends or family. 

Runners can track their kilometers using the Strava app. If you like to hike or walk, you can simply send an e-mail with your kilometers to laufen(at)

Every step will bring us a little bit closer to our common goal!

The charity project:

Assistance for street children in Santa Cruz

Hunger and violence dominate the daily lives of street children in the Bolivian metropolis of Santa Cruz. Many of them take drugs to suppress their fear and hunger. The medical condition of these children and adolescents is often alarming and the way out of drug addiction seems to be without hope.

Street children find assistance at the "Techo Pinardi" drop-in centre. In the health centre they are cared for and treated by doctors and therapists so that they can find a long-term way back into social life.

The health centre is in great need of renovation. The purchase of outdoor sports equipment will also improve the rehabilitation possibilities. For sport, play and exercise are part of the pedagogical concept at Don Bosco.


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We run for street children!Our team "Don Bosco Straßenkinder"


from Germany

"I stand up for children who have little family or social support."


from Germany

"I am participating in the run because the street is no place for children."


from Germany

"I run because I want to support children who have no home."


from Germany

"I am participating to raise awareness of the suffering of numerous girls and boys around the world."


from Germany

"I am running because all children should have a chance for a bright future."


from Germany

„I run because with every step I take, I can make a difference for children in need.“ 


from Germany

"I'm taking part because all children should have the same opportunities in life."


from Germany

„I run because I am grateful that my children don't have to live on the street. I want to do something for other children too.“ 


from Germany

"I'm taking part because in my work as a teacher, Don Bosco has always been a role model for me."


from Germany

„I am running so that more children can have a life beyond the street."


aus Deutschland

"I run for Don Bosco because I want to draw attention to the situation of street children in Bolivia."

"... and you?

You want to be part of the world run? Then join our Strava-Club or get in touch with us!

Noch Fragen?

Weil Vorbeugen besser als Heilen ist, tun wir alles, was verhindert, dass junge Menschen auf der Straße landen. Unsere Aktivitäten sollen soziale Ungleichheiten überwinden und jungen Menschen neue Möglichkeiten eröffnen. Wir tun dies, indem wir benachteiligte Kinder und Jugendliche in Risikosituationen begleiten und ihnen Zugang zu Bildung und Ausbildung bieten. Dabei möchten wir jungen Menschen nicht nur Wissen vermitteln, sondern auch Werte.

Die Erstversorgung bspw. mit Kleidung und Essen ist notwendig, denn niederschwellige Angebote ermöglichen es uns, Kontakt zu Straßenkindern aufzubauen. Darüber hinaus ist uns langfristige, nachhaltige Hilfe ein besonderes Anliegen. Durch unsere Straßenkinder-Zentren gelingt es,

  • Kontakt zu Straßenkindern aufzunehmen und sie erstzuversorgen,
  • Straßenkindern ein Zuhause zu bieten mit Menschen, die sich um sie kümmern,
  • Kindern und Jugendlichen durch Bildung und Qualifikation neues Selbstvertrauen zu schenken,
  • Kinder und Jugendliche zu befähigen, ihr Leben eigenverantwortlich in die Hand zu nehmen und positiv in die Zukunft zu blicken.

Ob klassisch mit einer Spende oder lieber mit einer persönlichen Aktion: Du kannst dich auf ganz unterschiedliche Weise für benachteiligte Kinder und Jugendliche einsetzen. Klick dich doch einfach durch unsere Engagement-Möglichkeiten oder kontaktier uns einfach per Telefon unter 0228-53965-20 oder per E-Mail an info(at) Wir freuen uns über dein Interesse.